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Matched NPN transistor pair
 AS194, AS394-Matched NPN transistor pair 

 The AS194,AS394 is a junction matched monolithic NPN transistor pair with an order of magnitude improvement in matching over conventional transistor pair.
Electrical characteristics of these devices, such as drift versus initial offset voltage, noise and the exponential relationship of base-emitter voltage to collector current, closely approach those of a theoretical transistor and gives extremely low noise and operation over a wide current range.


- "ideal" and identical transistors
- Emitter-base offset voltage temperature drift less than 1 mkV/oC
- Current gain (hFE) matched to 2%
- Noise Voltage Density of 1,8 nV/ÖHz
- Ideal logarithmic properties


AS394-HYB- Trasistor pair module

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