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Serial Controlled, 16-Channel SPCO Switch
 AS16M1 Serial Controlled, 16-Channel SPCO Switch

The AS16M1 analog switch with serial digital interface offers 16 pairs individually controlled single-pole-change-over (SPCO) switches. All switches conduct equally in either direction and on-resistance (170  Ω) is constant over the analog signal range.
These CMOS switches can operate continuously with power supply +5V and switch input currents in any combination to output node (summing) or ground them.
Upon power-up, all summing switches are off, grounding switches are on and the internal serial and parallel shift registers are reset to zero.
The AS16M1 is controlled by a serial interface. The interface is compatible with the SPI interface standard.


- 16 pairs individually serial controlled SPCO switches
- SPI-compatible serial interface
- multiple devices can be daisy chained
- compact 28-Pin package: QFN-28


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