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Quad exponential  voltage controlled Amlifier
  AS2164 - Quad voltage exponentially controlled amplifier (VCA)
AS2164 contains four independent voltage controlled amplifiers (VCAs) in a single package. High performance (100 dB dynamic range, 0.02% THD) is provided at a very low cost-per-VCA, resulting in excellent value for cost sensitive gain control applications. Each VCA offers current input and output for maximum design flexibility, and a ground referenced –33 mV/dB control port.
All channels are closely matched to within 0,07 dB at unity gain, and 0,24 dB at 40 dB of attenuation. A 120 dB gain range is possible.
A single resistor tailors operation between full Class A and AB modes.
AS2164 is internally protected in situations where negative supply is turned OFF.
The AS2164 will operate over a wide supply voltage range of ±4 V to ±18 V. Available in 16-pin PDIP and SOIC packages.


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