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Dual Voltage Controlled Amplifier (VCA)
  AS3330 - Dual Voltage Controlled Amplifier (VCA) 

The AS 3330 is a dual, high performance, voltage controlled amplifier intended for electronic musical instrument and professional audio applications. Each amplifier includes complete circuitry for simultaneous linear and exponential control of gain. In addition, the operating point of the amplifiers may be set anywhere from Class В to Class A, allowing the user to optimize those parameters critical to the particular appli¬cation. Also featured are virtual ground summing nodes for both the signal and linear control inputs, so that signal and control mixing may be accomplished within the device itself. Finally, the VCA outputs are signal currents, allowing the device to be conveniently used in two-pole voltage controlled filters, as well as dual voltage controlled amplifiers.



- two independent voltage controlled amplifiers
- simultaneous linear and exponential control Inputs
- wide control range: 120dB min
- very accurate control scales for excellent gain tracking
- exceptionally low control voltage feedthrough < -90dB
- low distortion: < 0.1%
- exceptionally low noise: < -100dB
- operating point anywhere from Class B to Class A
- summing nodes for signal and linear control inputs
- current outputs for ease of use in voltage controlled 2-Pole Filters
- can be used in VCO and VCF control paths without causing shift
- ±15 volt supplies


 AS3330 application note1.pdf


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